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Room 10 Highlights

  • Floor Space: 82 Square Metres
  • White Infinity Wall: 3m (H) x 6.1m (W) x 3.7m (D)
  • Green Screen Curved Wall: 2.5 (H) x 2m (W)
  • Cambo MBX-1 and Manfrotto Stands
  • Manfrotto Super Boom and stand
  • Lighting: 2x ceiling mounted Aputure LS C300D Mark II Daylight 5500K dimmable space lights
  • Fully soundproofed and acoustically treated
  • £300 + VAT per day, Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00
  • £150 + VAT Per Day, Saturday-Sunday (Shorter sessions available)
  • Green room/styling and make up room available on request (additional fees apply)

A versatile space for photographic productions, be it product photography, portraits, fashion or still life.

The studio, which is handily located close to Bristol’s M32 and A4, provides a perfect backdrop for all kinds of photography.

The fully soundproofed and acoustically treated 82 sq m studio is equipped with an infinity and green screen curved wall makes a great space for capturing creativity.

The space for hire includes a 3m (H) x X6.1m (W) x X3.7m (D) white infinity wall as standard, easily adapted for green screen shoots thanks to a pull down X2.5 (H) x 2 (W) cover.

Cambo MBX-1 Studio Stand 2.1m column | Cambo MBX-1 Studio Stand base | Manfrotto Background Stand kit | Avenger C-Stand Kit 33 with Sliding Leg | Manfrotto Super Boom and stand | Manfrotto Super Clamp | Manfrotto Magic Arm kit | Manfrotto Spring Clamp.

Huge double doors 2.4m (W) x 2.2m (H) ideal for ease of load in for kit and crews.

4x permanently rigged dimmable space lights

Parking is available here at Factory Studios plus neighbouring rooms are available for productions needing separate green rooms, client, wardrobe or hair and make up areas .

Please be sure you have packed down ahead of the end of your session and leave timely for the next booking.

Please leave the studio how you found it and return any borrowed equipment to the desk.

Please use the bins provided for any rubbish.

Hot food is not permitted in the room.

Kit List

  • Infinity Wall
  • Curved Green Screen wall
  • Ceiling mounted Aputure LS C300D dimmable space lights
  • Manfrotto Super Boom and stand
  • Cambo MBX-1 and Manfrotto Stands
  • Plenty of Storage