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Room 10 Highlights

  • Accommodates 12+ people
  • 24 Channel Allen & Heath QU-24 Desk
  • 6 x Brooke Monitors
  • QSC GX5 Power Amps
  • Lounge area and plenty of storage
  • Easy load-in

Our biggest room, Room 10 or 'The Live Room' is perfect for bands with many members, or for professional acts who require more space.

The space comes equipped with a full backline, great PA and performance lighting rig.

The space has easily accessible side loading access, a lounge area, main performance area and has great sound proofing as well as loads of space for all kinds of equipment.

Our standard kit comes with 2 Cymbal Stands, Snare Stand, High-Hat Stand, Kick Drum, Rack Tom, Floor Tom, Kick Pedal and a Stool.

1 Guitar Amp, 1 Bass Amp, 1 Music Stand

1 SM58 with Mic Stand and XLR, PA Mixing Console with FX

Additional equipment can be hired at your request. Just add it to your booking on our online booking system.

Please be sure you have packed down ahead of the end of your session and leave timely for the next booking.

Please leave the studio how you found it and return any borrowed equipment to the desk.

Please use the bins provided for any rubbish.

Hot food is not permitted in the room.

At the end of your session, please spray the microphone with the cleaning spray provided.

Please zero the desk and amps at the end of your session.

Kit List

  • 24 Channel Allen & Heath QU-24 Desk
  • 4 x Opal Constant Graphic Equalisers
  • QSC GX5 Power Amps
  • Mackie HD1531 Active Drum Fill
  • 6 x Brooke Monitors
  • 3 x SM58 Microphones & XLRs