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An Introduction to Bandcamp & BuyMusicClub: Katy J Pearson & Izzy

March 2, 2022

Words by: Nathan Reece

For musicians and all those existing within the sphere, it has been a testing time over the past 2 years. With opportunities to perform live limited and conversations frequently revolving around the ethical mortality of larger, more established platforms such as Spotify, it has never been more relevant for a consumer to ‘do more’ to support their favourite artist, collective or record label.

Enter Bandcamp, a website launched in 2008 that has seen unrivalled adoption over the years with no bounds to genre or style (although admittedly, the weird and wonderful lives here in abundance).
At Bandcamp, an artist or label is in full control of what they upload; the streaming options for the consumer (streams can be capped at a figure, pushing the listener to eventually purchase the music), and the price.

Out of all the digital retailers, Bandcamp take the lowest percentage cut, and throughout the pandemic launched the increasingly helpful ‘Bandcamp Day’, where once a month they waive their fees entirely for 24 hours, allowing all sales that day to go straight into the pocket of the musician or record label.

BuyMusicClub has emerged as a bolt-on for Bandcamp from the dance music world. Launched in 2018 by one Electronic music’s most in demand DJs, Avalon Emerson. Think curated Spotify playlists that include links to an artists’ Bandcamp, and you’re basically there.

It acts as another welcome source of promotion to independent artists and record labels so check out a few selections below from Katy J Pearson and Factory Studios’ Izzy.


I’ve shared a few electronic EPs I’ve purchased over the last year or so, which have been in my rotation for DJ sets which feature a lot of UK underground techno, bass and breaks. I am also a lover of neo-soul and alternative electronic music, and there have been a few albums and vinyl in my wishlist for some time! For easy listening, I am definitely drawn to smooth, melodic or quirky vocals which features heavily here, as well as old school RnB style beats and bass heavy tracks.

Katy J Pearson

Los Bitchos – Let The Festivities Begin

Los Bitchos released their brilliant debut album on Friday. Full of eclectic sounds and drawing inspiration from their varied musical backgrounds. Their music is described as Latin Acid Punk and I think this description is rather fitting. Either way I recommend giving them a listen. It gives me an imaginary dose of Vitamin D which I desperately need either way.

Broadside Hacks – Songs Without Authors

Broadside Hacks is a label and Folk collective based in South London which I am actually a part of. They released their compilation “Songs Without Authors” a few months ago and is a homage to traditional folk music over the last few hundred years, with a concept to get contemporary artists to cover the songs. It was such a wonderful project to be involved in and the resurgence of traditional Folk music is a wonderful sight to behold.

Black Country New Road – Ants From Up There

Black Country New Roads second album truly is a masterpiece. A whirring journey of heartache and mundanity with beautiful orchestral arrangements and a bittersweet edge. I very much enjoyed listening through this album from start to finish and a marvellous piece of work.

Air Waves by Air Waves

I played a show at crofters rights with Air Waves a couple of years ago, she is a fantastic songwriter and this EP really shows that. Beautiful songs with sparse production.

Tim Presley – I Have To Feed Larry Hawk

Tim Presley is one of my favourite artists at the moment. Everything he releases is just quirky and unique and all feels very true and genuine. I like the weirdness of this song and the song title especially. Is there an actual Hawk called Larry out there?

An introduction to the fastest rising platform for independent artists and labels.



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