Greenman 2022 Top 5 Artists To Watch


Green Man 2022 – Top 5 Artists To Watch

August 18, 2022

Words by: Arthur Cross

Nestled within the Welsh hills lies a festival of true beauty. A festival where the greatest (and soon to be greatest) in alternative music travel from far and wide to come and perform. Many a yarn has been spun about Green Man Festival but to live it is to truly believe it and for those lucky enough to be voyaging this year we have collated 5 of the top acts you would be a fool to miss! Read on…

1.) Kraftwerk

Not much needs to be said to introduce such an influential project. The gods of electronic music themselves, true pioneers and craftsmen of the genre. After seeing this set you will see their influence in most other electronic acts at Greenman and knowing Kraftwerk you are guaranteed to witness an audiovisual spectacle like no other. FFO: Robots and standing desks

2.) Yves Tumour

Warp signee Yves Tumour has been steadily releasing some of the best art-rock over the last decade. Their live set has transformed over the years into a transfixing queer thrash metal bonanza. Prepared to be enthralled. FFO: Dean Blunt, Arca, Klein

3.) Lucy Gooch 

If you fancy transcending and letting your spirit float around in the fluttering light of stained glass windows for an hour or so then Lucy Gooch is the act to go and see this Greenman. Be prepared for a truly ethereal gut-wrenchingly emotional performance. FFO: William Basinski and crying 

4.) deathcrash 

Slowcore dreamboats and masters of heart-shattering catharsis, deathcrash will take you on a deftly guided journey into your inner emotional depths and back out again. Maybe not an act to see on a comedown but there is a wonderful unexpected feeling of hope within their work which will leave you feeling emotionally raw but all the stronger for it. FFO: Slint and slow snare hits 

5.) Bingo Fury 

Bingo Fury’s songwriting weaves inky tales of alienation with closing-time cabaret charm producing a concoction that is both equally alluring and anxiety-ridden. With debut EP ‘Mercy’s Cut’ on the horizon and a full UK co-headline tour with Robbie & Mona in October it feels things are on a lumbering ascent. We can’t recommend enough seeing this crooner and his band, an atmospheric treat. FFO: Tom Waits and dusty corridors

Green Man opens it’s gates on 18th August 2022 and you can see the full line-up here.



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