Jurango releases new EP: 'Isle of Crass' 2


Jurango releases new EP: ‘Isle of Crass’

November 2, 2023

Words by: Factory Studios

The New EP

Following Laksa’s mind-bending Body Score EP, Jurango joins the re:lax family for their second outing. Enchanting yet explosive, Isle of Crass EP explores driving rhythms, deep textures and heady atmospheres across four high-tempo tracks. The release sees the Bristolian entering new territory, drawing inspiration from Rian Treanor, Djrum and the pulsating energy of Singeli and Nyege Nyege Tapes.

The accompanying visuals for ‘Slow Wheeze’ were created by Indonesian interdisciplinary artist Loreng.

Jurango has also released music on labels such as Livity Sound and Rhythm Section. In 2023 ‘Junglizer’ on Rhythm Section saw strong international support (LA, Madrid, Detroit, Australia, Berlin) via Hessle Audio, Batu, NIKS, Helena Star, Surgeon + more. It was supported on Rinse FM and NTS Radio as well as in Surgeon’s Essential Mix for Radio 1.

Hey Jurango - thanks for chatting with us! Congrats on the new EP release, Isle of Crass. Is there anything you can tell us about this latest project? How did you come up with the concept for it, and is there anything in particular that inspired the sound behind it?

Hey, thanks! These are a selection of tracks that I've made over the past few years. Some go back as far as Covid, so it's really nice that they're finally seeing the light of day. Certainly some newer styles and speeds in there, and to release with on re:lax feels great as Laksa and re:ni have been really supportive of me and my music for the past few years via their parties and NTS Radio show.

Stylistically it draws on techno, drum & bass, footwork, dub and singeli - so a pretty mixed bag. The name is a reference to the Glastonbury area of Somerset which is where I grew up, which is sometimes referred to as The Vale of Avalon or the Isle of Glass.

Speaking of inspiration - what's your current go-to on your playlist?

A few things I've been listening to recently:

W.A.T. and various other bits on STROOM.tv

Could you give us an insight into your creative process - which comes first for you, the sound or the idea?

Honestly I wish I was technical enough to accurately create a sound that's in my head. I very much work with Ableton and various plug-ins in a 'trial and error' sort of way. If I can change a sound from it's original sound into something new and interesting, that's a good start. Then it's developing that as an idea and building a track around it. Ultimately I'm looking to create inspiration for myself and then ride off that until completion.

You were recently in Amsterdam, performing a set at ADE. How was that? Are there any spotlight moments you can share with us?

Absolute career highlight for me! Felt surreal to have been included on the lineup with so many big and inspiring names so big thanks to Surgeon, his agent Michael, and the team at De School for the opportunity.

It was pretty unforgettable and certainly felt new for me. I'm so used to playing in rooms that are totally blacked out - which I love - but this was during the afternoon, with light spilling in to the crowd. It's a completely different approach in that scenario, and is pretty exposing! There's no hiding at all haha. Also the sound was so clean and crisp that every detail is super magnified.

I think it went really well though and we had a wicked time in Amsterdam, great city and would love to go back really soon.

It's already been quite the year for you so far with the new EP and touring over Europe - what's on the agenda for the rest of 2023, moving into 2024? Can we look forward to any new music/projects from you?

I'm happy with how the year is ending but I'm also feeling really focused on trying to maintain the energy that I've been putting into things recently. I definitely want to build on everything next year. I've got a few shows and another mix coming out before the year ends, and a few release projects to wrap up.

I'll have new music out relatively early in 2024, and shows in the UK and Europe too - excited!

‘Isle of Crass’ is out now. Buy it here.

Live Shows

Hang Tough with Jurango & Drumheller : Tickets – 26.11.2023

Club Partisan – Magic Spells with Jurango and mi-el : Tickets – 08.12.23

LAYA/TALA Bristol Launch: ALYA L, Jurango, Medis : Tickets – 09.12.23

Laksa and re:ni have always supported me and my music so it feels like a natural home for me to explore new sounds and moods.



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