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Katy J Pearson

April 19, 2021

Words by: Arthur Cross

Bristol’s finest Katy J Pearson and self-described ‘west country girl in a west country world’ is an artist on a very quick ascent with the last two years seeing her release and tour critically acclaimed country-tinged debut album ‘Return’. What followed has been a period of consolidation, writing and rehearsal which sees her ready and poised for the year ahead! Here we chat to her about what is in stow, the battle to get to the U.S.A and rehearsal tips she has learnt along the way.

Let’s get Covid out the way: your Thekla headline show was unfortunately postponed numerous times before you eventually got to play it. I wondered how it felt to finally, finally be able to play that homecoming show after such a long wait?

It felt utterly amazing. Such a bucket list moment for me. Thekla has been one of my favourite venues for many years so to get to headline it felt very special.

It seems you now have your eyes set on the big U.S.A supporting Ezra Furman on her March tour! How familiar are you with their music and how did this come into place?

Sadly my visa is no longer going to be processed in time because of Covid backlog so alas I’m just doing SXSW but I love Ezra Furman and it would have been such a joy to support them but I will have to wait.

I saw when Squid went out to the States they ended up at an Italian family restaurant in Brooklyn with an Elvis impersonator serenading them at dinner. I wondered if you had your eyes on any places to visit or eat when on tour?

There are so many places I’d like to visit but my main dream is to visit Dollywood.

You’re due to share the SXSW line-up the folk-collective Broadside Hacks this March. As a key member, I wondered how everything was going with this project and if there were any releases in the works?

It’s been going super well it’s so fun being part of Broadside Hacks! So many great musicians and it’s lovely bringing back traditional folk songs of old into 2022!

Do you find morning or evenings effect everyone’s vibe or do you have any tips to get the most out of these sessions?

I think morning or evening are both fine as long as you remember to eat well and keep hydrated as otherwise you can get a bit overtired. Also I think good regular breaks is important!

In Broadside Hacks you covered an iconic Scottish Folk track Willie of Winsbury. I wondered if re-discovering and getting involved with folk musical heritage through his collective had influenced your own music writing going forward?

Absolutely it has. Through playing with Broadside Hacks I have been listening to a lot of folk music and finding so many artists from the old days that I’m loving and resonating with a lot.

Talking of your new music – how is the new album sounding and are there any secrets you can share?

My new album is finished and my first single is out now !


Follow Katy on Instagram, and check out her Spotify and BuyMusicClub playlists for Factory Studios!

My new album is finished and my first single is out now !



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