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Touring life is hard, mentally and physically. Backstage Yoga is here to change that.

January 27, 2023

Words by: Nathan Reece

Early morning lobby calls, late night bus calls, jet lag, fast food, different altitudes, time zones and climate zones. You know. All getting your body out of balance.

Backstage Yoga was specifically created to help you to take back control, to empower you to get back into balance without needing to resort to destructive coping mechanisms. All about making sure you can do this job that you love doing, for as long as you choose to, on your terms.

Their approach draws from Yoga and Ayurvedic Therapy expertise and is trauma-informed, to create a space that is here to serve you, meeting you where you are.

No need to have practiced before or to be fit or flexible. If yoga is new to you, they will help to begin your journey. If you have practiced before, their practices will help you to continue on your journey and are tailored, so they are truly for you.


Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for follow-along videos. They release both, short sets of postures as well as longer sessions, all specifically crafted for those on tour. Pre-Load-In session, Post-Load-Out session, insomnia help, easing an anxious mind to grounding practices to help you arrive back home. No need to have practiced before or to be fit or flexible.


Their Soundcloud tracks are voice recordings to help you find rest Backstage.

All about rest: deep rest, nourishing energizing rest as well as sleep prep, we have you covered. Voice Recordings to help you find rest Backstage.

Their mission is to support touring professionals, what they do is non-profit. We love to collaborate with initiatives that are on a similar mission.

If what they do sounds interesting to yourself, your network, client or your crew, if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch. They offer bespoke online sessions, bespoke recordings as well as in-person live sessions.

To find out more about what we do and what’s in the planning, please email [email protected].

Feel centred and strong, regaining your body balance.



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